Throwback Thursdays Event for Alumni

To Celebrate our 40th Anniversary, Stagedoor Manor is sharing a very special Throwback Thursday event with all our Alumni!

If you went to Stagedoor Manor, you know that Thursday is Dress Rehearsal Day! Remember the excitement, the nerves, the applause of friends?

This summer, you have the chance to relive that special day.

In celebration of our 40th summer, and to give every alumni the opportunity to visit, Stagedoor Manor will open our campus on production week Thursdays for YOU to visit theaters and shows.

The Dates:

Thursday, July 2nd
Thursday, July 23rd
Thursday, August 13th

Performances are at 11 AM and 4 PM

The Rules:

Those under the age of 21 must still visit with their parent, same as always. Visitors are allowed on campus from 10 AM until 7 PM. You may not stay for the “C” show (sorry)!

Personal living spaces are private. No visitors in the dorms or backstage. We will not be serving food – the dining room is for current staff/kids only.

VERY IMPORTANT! To make certain we are prepared for volume, and to keep everyone safe, all alumni are requested to RSVP a week in advance to:

You may call for more details!

See you at Stagedoor!