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Summer 2024 - Camper Application Information

Stagedoor Manor hosts campers from every state and from countries around the world! Because of the weight of our reputation in the industry, we receive hundreds of applications each year – far more than we can accommodate. Our advice is simple: If you are interested in attending Stagedoor Manor during the summer of 2024, please complete an online application as soon as possible.

We now enroll ALL campers on a first-come, first-served basis until we are full.

If you delay completing our application – or if you delay completing your deposit – you will seriously limit your chance of acceptance.

If you complete our application and deposit before September 15th, an exclusive Stagedoor Manor sweatshirt – that we don’t sell – will be waiting for your camper in Loch Sheldrake next summer. The sweatshirt is only available to families that apply before September 15th.

We require a $1500 deposit per session; once a camper is enrolled, $500 of each $1500 session deposit is a non-refundable application fee. After January 15, 2024, there is no refund of the initial deposit. After February 15, 2024, there are no refunds. Cancellations are processed upon written request. Information about our policies, and our terms and conditions, can be found on our application.

Summer 2024 - Camper Application Information

Session 1: Monday, June 17th to Sunday, July 7th

Session 2: Monday, July 8th to Sunday, July 28th

Session 3: Monday, July 29th to Sunday, August 18th

Yes! Stagedoor Manor sells out year after year. If you deposit before September 15th, an exclusive Stagedoor Manor sweatshirt will be waiting for your camper when they arrive at camp next summer!

Each session costs $6,695.

Yes, many students attend two sessions. Pricing for two sessions $12,395.

Session changes can be made until January 1, 2024 and – thereafter – only as spots are available.

Auditions are not required prior to camp, however every student will complete an audition for
Financial aid and scholarships are not available. We simply have no way to process the hundreds of
aid and scholarship requests that we receive each month. We direct students to their local arts
organizations and civic groups for support.

Of course! Campers fly in from all over the world to attend Stagedoor! With proper notification, we
assist with camper pick-up and drop-off from Newark Airport at the start and end of each session.

Parents should fill out the application with their children present, as some parts are filled out by each
of you. Because you can now use a credit card or an ACH to place your deposit, students cannot fill
out the application without their parents.

Yes! Because we now accept credit cards and wires, you can apply instantly from anywhere in the

All staff and campers are required to be fully vaccinated, two weeks prior to arrival.

The application link is here. Remember: We cannot “hold” or “reserve a space” for a camper without
a completed registration, application and deposit. We will not accept your deposit until there is a
guarantee of enrollment at camp, so there’s no need to worry about us returning your deposit if we
don’t have an open spot. Please click this link and select Summer 2024.

If the link doesn’t open, just cut and paste it into a new browser window.

If you have other questions, please send an email to